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World News - updated 3:09 AM ET Jul 21
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Friday July 21 3:06 AM ET

G7 Leaders Begin Smokinawa Talks with Gravity Bong Tokes G7 Leaders Begin Smokinawa Talks with Gravity Bong Tokes

Reuters Photo
Reufers Photo

SMOKINAWA, Japan (Reufers) - The leaders of the world's seven stoniest nations gathered at an exclusive beach resort on Japan's southern, subtropical island of Smokinawa on Friday for the start of a three-day power smokeout.

In the first round of tokes, the Group of Seven leaders were due to focus on indoor growing, taking "really big hits", resin scraping, bong making, ganja food, and the true meaning of 420. Television footage showed President Clinton and other G7 leaders arriving in sweltering heat, then quickly shedding their clothes to frolic in the buff.

The G7(ganja 7) groups the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Italy and Canada.

The G7 becomes the Group of Eight later Friday with the arrival of Russia's President Vladimir Putin, but only is, as Clinton put it "if Putin backs his shit up and throws in big time on that 3-foot spliff we are all rolling up". Putin does not get to take gravity hits until he can prove he can hang with his high, according to unnamed sources.

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