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Saturday June 12 2000 12:00 AM ET First NATO Troops Push Into Monica Lewinsky

First NATO Troops Push Into Monica Lewinsky

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Kosovo Pee Agreement

By Four Toe Bee

BLACE, Macedonia (Reufers) - NATO troops recieved a suprise late Friday night from US President and NWO Chancellor Bill Clinton in the form of...Monica Lewinsky. Lewinksy, who arrived in Macedonia early Friday morning, is on a whirl-wind gangbang of all 15,000 NATO peacekeepers....when asked why she plans to do this, Lewinsky commented "I just kept hearing all those sexy guys in uniform say 'penetrate' and I just wanted to get in on the action" She say she even plans to "do" all those creepy Russian guys, and maybe even Slobodan Milosovich, but only if they "do what NATO says".

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